Wednesday, December 17, 2008

My husband is the best!

Bryant wanted me to open my Christmas gifts yesterday so I would know how to use them in time for Christmas!

I was so excited to see the new lens and speedlight!!!

I am in LOVE with these things! I can't wait to to use it again!

Here are some pictures I got last night(keep in mind I haven't read how to use them and this was the first time I have practiced with them so they aren't perfect)!

Here are two comparison pictures so you can see what a difference they make. The pictures are taken in the same exact spots with the same amount of lighting and around the same time at night.

Old lens on left, new lens and speedlight on right:

The girls jumping on my bed (this was taken at 7 pm in my dimly lit room):

Thursday, December 11, 2008

tree lightings and Santa!

I have been terrible at writing blogs. We went to 3 tree lightnings and I never posted any of the pictures.

First we went to the tree lighting at the Jelly Belly Factory:

Kaitee kept rubbing Bryant's hairy chin!

Then we went to the tree lighting in Fairfield:

Kaitee getting her face painted:

Then we went to the tree lighting in Suisun City and I forgot my camera!!!

Bryant and I took the girls back to the Jelly Belly Santa and we got the BEST picture:

We also decorated some cookies. Kaitee was great at it!!!

I hand designed them because we didn't have cookie cutters:

They got bigger then I excepted:

Brooke got her hand in the icing bowl!

the finished cookies:

I haven't updated in a while...

Brooke turned 14 months old today! Kaitee was 14 months and 10 days old when Brooke was born. Its so weird for me to think that Brooke is already that age.

Some of her new things she is doing and saying are:
*she now says "cookie"
*she says "choo choo" when she hears the trains
*when I say no to her she says "uh uh" (see video below)
*a few weeks ago she started walking backwards, lol
*she is getting better at climbing onto the couch
*She now has 16 teeth
*she now weighs 26 pounds (Kaitee weighed 27 lbs at her 2 year appointment)!

saying cookie:

walking backwards:

Kaitee is 28 months old. I don't take as many pictures of her these days because she yells "no pictures" when I try. Although when she is jumping on the couch she brings me my camera and asks me to take pictures, lol. She is really talking now. Out of the blue she uses words we never knew she knew! Like today in the car she said "I'm thirsty"! I don't think we use that word often. She remembers almost everyone from Escondido. She pointed out her Uncle James and Uncle Tyler in picture and called them by there names! Its so weird to think that all of the sudden she is so aware of her surroundings and soaks up everything like a sponge!

We took Abby and the girls to the dog park today so here are a few pictures:

Monday, December 1, 2008


was great! We went over to a friends house. The girls had fun hanging out with their friend Charlie!

the kids table:

I caught Kaitee smiling!

This is what Kaitee was smiling at:

Brooke kept going back to the table for more food:

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